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OK, so it’s no jetpack or flying car, but if you’d told me just a few years ago that in order to give a presentation, I didn’t have to lug a laptop around, but could just use my phone (!) I think I’d have been very unconvinced.


[That’s Apple’s new version of Keynote running on the iPhone, outputting its video to the tellybox.]

Very tempted to give my next presentation just from that !

Or alternatively, for extra geekiness – or more appropriately, because I like to wander around a bit and wave my arms about while talking, and being connected to the projector by a cable might be a pain, how about setup number 2:


Yep, that’s the iPhone acting as a live remote control (including showing next slide and presenter notes if present) for the presentation running on the iPad, which is in turn mirroring its screen on the tv (or projector as appropriate).

Speaking of projectors, that reminds me to go rummage in my Big Box of Computer Cables and Stuff under the bed, and see if this works with the iPhone…


It does! That’s a tiny Optoma Pico projector, so that photo above is, in theory, all I’d need to take to give a talk from now on… astonishing!



I am unable to comment on rumours that I have too many gadgets.

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