Verity in Glasgow

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Today, to celebrate the amazing contribution Verity Lambert made to creating and shepherding the world’s best TV programme, Doctor Who, fellow Who-buff Jon Melville and I visited the archives at Strathclyde University in Glasgow.

Turns out Verity was given an honorary degree at Strathclyde, so after she sadly passed away in 2007 a lot of her collection ended up there. They’ve put on a display to tie in with the 50th Anniversary, and it’s well worth a visit.

[Can I also just say that compared to many other archives I’ve visited over the years, this place was a breath of fresh air. Enthusiastic, very friendly staff went out of their way to go and get more items from the collection to let us see without even being asked, and wonderfully, they were even happy for us to take photos. Many thanks to Rachel and her colleagues!]

More about the exhibition and collection here:

It includes a load of photographs – of Verity herself, and of the many programmes she was involved in over the years, plus many of the awards and formal recognition she had received.

Plus of course, her two Baftas!

Image 4

My favourite item though was her director’s chair…!


[Although the signed photo of Rik Mayall, describing Verity as ‘my own VIAGRA replacement’ is a close second!]

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Strathclyde Archives are also on twitter as @stratharchives – follow them !

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