Upcoming Talks and Events

Looking at the calendar, I’ve got a busy couple of months coming up of giving talks and presentations. If you’ve not yet heard me going on at length about old cinemas, stained glass windows in Maryhill, or the exciting life of my father, Ian Barr, then fear not!

There are plenty of opportunities coming up…

January 11th – 19.30 [Greenock Philosophical Society]
Traveller, Not Tourist: The Adventurous Life of Ian Barr

January 15th – 19.30 [New Kilpatrick & Bearsden Church]
The Crown Jewels of Maryhill

January 31st – 19.30 [Barrhead & Neilston History Society]
Cinemas of the West Coast

February 4th – 19.30 [Bearsden Literary Society]
The Crown Jewels of Maryhill

February 12th – 18.00 [National Library of Scotland]
Early Cinema in Scotland
A joint talk with Rush Washbrook of the Scottish Screen Archive – learn about the early cinemas in Scotland, as well as see some of the sorts of films that would have been seen in them!

February 17th (2pm) / February 19th (6.30pm) – [Glasgow Film Festival 2013]
Cinemas of the City Centre Walking Tours
By popular demand, Gary Painter and I are re-running the walking tours originally pioneered for Doors Open Day as part of the Glasgow Film Festival 2013. Tickets £5; places can be reserved by emailing walks@scottishcinemas.org

February 21st – 19.00 [Dundee Civic Trust]
Scottish Cinemas: Dundee
A joint talk with Gary Painter of ScottishCinemas.org

February 26th – 14.00 [St Luke’s Church Guild, Milngavie]
The Crown Jewels of Maryhill

March 14th – 19.30 [University of Glasgow Ladies’ Club]
The Crown Jewels of Maryhill

About Gordon Barr

Old buildings fan, ex-scientist, software dev, old cinemas buff, occasional boffin & cow-wrangler. Too many books, too few bookshelves.
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