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The name of a film is a carefully chosen part of its marketing, of its atmosphere, of telling you what it’s all about.

In the very old days, of course, when you bought your cinema ticket, it was probably dispensed from an automaticket machine, a wee piece of paper printed with the price of the ticket, and not much else.

Screen Shot 2011 08 22 at 19 43 36

Then came progress – tickets printed on a wee dot matrix printer that, amazingly, *had the actual name of the film you were seeing on it*.

Fantastically useful for keeping track of what films you’d seen and when. But then came Progress.

Thermal printers, different papers, smaller tickets, very odd font and layout choices, and the amount of space given over on the tickets to fitting the name of the film in gets smaller and smaller…

Very little attempt is now made by the cinemas to adapt the tickets to the films, or to pick sensible abbreviations to make them fit sensibly.

This is why, when sorting through a pile of old tickets recently, I discovered the following films I have apparently seen:

The Little Known Movie Spin off from the Teletubbies…

Screen Shot 2011 08 22 at 19 49 57

The James Bond movie to end all James Bond movies…

Screen Shot 2011 08 22 at 19 49 52

The sequel to the hit film ‘Batman Is’…

Screen Shot 2011 08 22 at 19 49 47

A prequel to spider man, starring his mother…

Screen Shot 2011 08 22 at 19 49 40

An Italian film about a killer cyborg from the future…

Screen Shot 2011 08 22 at 19 49 44

Some other kind of film I’m not very sure about… Touching Adult ?!

Screen Shot 2011 08 22 at 19 49 49

…and finally another film in the series: Planet Of Verb, Planet of Adjective, and the…

Screen Shot 2011 08 22 at 19 49 35


Anyone else got any other nice examples of almost might-have-been films ?



About Gordon Barr

Old buildings fan, ex-scientist, software dev, old cinemas buff, occasional boffin & cow-wrangler. Too many books, too few bookshelves.
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2 Responses to Title Post

  1. David says:

    Surely “Along Came Po” is the Spaghetti Western version of Kung Fu Panda?

  2. Gary says:

    I’d need to dig mine out, but I can tell you that the chap who sold you the Planet of the Apes ticket was one Dave King…

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