Past Present – Napiershall Street

Thanks to ‘dimairt’ and his suggestion I have a look at the 1979 Jimmy Boyle film ‘A Sense of Freedom‘ for stuff filmed around my area, I present a special themed Past Present…

First up, top of Napiershall Street, c.1974 and now (‘then’ pic courtesy of David Warrilow):



Now, some ‘then’ shots screencapped from the 1979 film ‘A Sense of Freedom’:
Looking along Henderson St:



Looking down Napiershall St; Henderson St on right:



Shops on Napiershall St:



Tenement stairs on Napiershall St (:



Towards Maryhill Rd & community centre:



Community hall on Maryhill Rd with older doors, made up to look like a cinema:



Shops under community hall on Maryhill Rd:



Originally published on the Hidden Glasgow Forums here:…

About Gordon Barr

Old buildings fan, ex-scientist, software dev, old cinemas buff, occasional boffin & cow-wrangler. Too many books, too few bookshelves.
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3 Responses to Past Present – Napiershall Street

  1. Jimmy Reid says:

    Hi’ Gordon, looking thru your ‘auld photos’ of the Maryhill area caused me to ask, “You wouldn’t happen to have a photo of the 734 close on Maryhill Rd, near The and just back from the Royal Bank corner? I left my wee room and kitchen up that close in 1969 and I guess they tore it down later on? Thanking you in advance for any info’ offered Gordon, me? Springburn’s Jimmy Reid.

  2. Gary Paterson says:

    Hi Gordon
    Dickson Autos was my papas garage
    Used to go there with him in the early 70s

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