1950s University Lecture Theatre

There is still one remaining original lecture theatre in the building now – it has been abandoned for about 10 years as the rake is so steep it contravenes health & safety requirements! I do plan to try to get access there at some point in the near future…

[From 2008]:


So, only 4 years later, I’ve finally been in for a look at the last original lecture theatre in chemistry. It dates from the early 1950s, when that part of the building was completed, so is newer than the one shown earlier in this thread, but was kitted out with similar seating.


It has been out of use since the early 1990s, as it’s considered too steep to be safe these days, unfortunately. It also features a sink and mini-fume hood for doing reaction demonstrations during lectures, a rather nice clock, and quite a dramatic ceiling, the centre panels of which were once glazed to let light in.




Full gallery is here:

The lecture theatre was torn out to be converted into lab space; however parts of the ceiling – and the clock- remain.

Pics of the replacement and refurbishment here: 



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