Refurbished Glasgow TARDIS



Wilson Street, Merchant City. Type of Grant: Architectural Detail Status:
The works currently on site encompass the repair of the re-inforced concrete structure of the box, replacement of damaged metal six pane windows, reglazing, restoration of the four ‘Police’ call box signs to the lintols, repair to working order the original lantern light, re-instate the original emergency call box plate and grille to former speaker phone and re-wiring of the box so as to illuminate the interior and the lantern. On completion the box will appear as an authentic, restoration of an original Glasgow police box, the last to be left in its original and traditional location above a public convenience, in the city. The box will be returned to its original colour, a dark grey/blue, reminicent of the Dr. Who ‘TARDIS’, although the red colour it currently displays had in fact also been used in the city to unify the emergency services.

Pleasingly, it seems to have a first aid outfit and working phone installed…. though I do think it’s a shame it wasn’t left the Glasgow red colour, as it was the last of the 4 boxes on the city streets that was.

Also, I’m slightly puzzled that there wasn’t a planning application I can find for the works, given that all of the Glasgow boxes are now listed buildings and technically require consent before any alterations are made.

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