Dear Mobile Phone Company. Can I give you some money please?

So, I finally phoned up O2 today to get my PAC code, so I can transfer my number from them to another network. I have a shiny iPhone (of course), which they have also been kind enough to unlock. Thank you O2.

So I’m ready to go, and was looking at which network to move to, and which kind of deal. I had been thinking I’d like to move to Orange, with their better 3G coverage.

I don’t want to sign up to a new multi-month contract at the moment, since the *next* iPhone will likely be released in June, and I want to have maximum options available to me at that time. So Pay and Go on Orange seemed like a good deal. 

Orange are advertising on every bus stop I pass about how they now do the iPhone on PAYG and Pay Monthly. But it seems they’re only interested in new customers that buy a new iPhone with them, not customers that already have an iPhone that’d like to move to them. The only SIM-only PAYG plan that includes internet data – ‘Dolphin’ – seems to think that ‘The Internet’ consists solely of Bebo, Facebook and Twitter. There is no iPhone specific PAYG plan available yet, and the man in the shop seemed a bit puzzled as to why I would want one.

Never mind! Option 2: Orange do SIM-only pay monthly plans, with 30 day cancellation, so I wouldn’t be tied in for a long period of time. Their £30/month plan includes hours of talking, a gajillion texts, and, crucially, ‘Unlimited(*)’ mobile internet access, saving me £5 a month on O2’s deal.

[I shall save the rant about the redefinition of Unlimited for another time. Please take it as read and insert as appropriate at this point.]

I’d like that one please, I say, handing over my passport, driving license, bank card and all various things that prove who I say I am and live where I say I do. Only apparently this is not good enough, as their system flags up ‘something’ with my credit score as a problem, and turns me down. Of course, they can’t tell me what the problem is.

Grr. Concerned there is a problem with my credit score – cos if there is, I damn sure want to know about it – I then register for one of these online check your credit rating sites. Turns out my credit rating is *just about as good as it’s possible to get*, and yet Orange it seems, doesn’t want my money. Fine.

Meantime, I’ve discovered that Vodafone also does Pay Monthly contracts with 30-day cancellation, and they have one with hours of talking, a gajillion texts, and ‘Unlimited(*)’ internet for … £20 a month! £15 saving on O2. 

Sorry Orange, but I tried *twice* to give you my custom. I’m going somewhere that does. And is cheaper.
As soon as O2 actually gets around to sending me the PAC code I’ve been promised, that is…!

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